The French alphabet, albeit the same alphabet as the Latin alphabet (used in English, Spanish, and other languages), does have new letters or uses of letters different or not seen in English.

a – Pronounced ah, like you are opening your mouth up and waiting for food to go in

b – Pronounced bay

c – Pronounced say

Pronounced day

e – Pronounced eh

f – Pronounced exactly like it is in English

g – Pronounced jay

h – Pronounced ash with a short a

i – Prononunced ee

j – Pronounced like how the letter g is pronounced in English

k – Pronounced ka

l – Pronounced ell

m – Pronounced like it is in English

n – Pronounced like it is in English

o – Pronounced oh

p – Pronounced pay 

q – Pronounced quu

r – Pronounced airr

s – Pronounced like it is in English

t – Pronounced tey

u – Pronounced with a short u

v – Pronounced vay

w – Pronounced double-vay

x – Pronounced eex

y – Pronounced igrec

z – Pronounced zed

New letters are:

ç – Turns a c sound into an s sound like in français or garçon

There are also several accents in French including the è and the é.


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