Welcome to the Learnish Conjugation Camp! Honestly, it’s not as tough as it seems. It’s always nice to conjugate a regular verb! All regular IR verbs are conjugated in the same way. In this example, we are going to use vivir, which is a perfectly regular IR verb.

Cut the verb down to the stem so that it’s ready for conjugation, it’s easy!
Remove the verb ending (ar, ir, er) and you have the stem (vivir becomes viv)

Infinitive/Infinitivo: vivir (to live)

In the present tense

Personal PronounConjugationEnglish Translation
Yostem + o (vivo)I live
stem + es (vives)You live
Él / Ella / Ustedstem + e (vive)He / She lives (or formal for you live)
Nosotros / Nosotrasstem + imos (vivimos)We live
Ellos / Ellasstem + en (viven)They live

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