Welcome to a very quick and easy Spanish guide! So, in the last guide Ir, the Enemigo, we saw Voy al restaurante or I’m going to the restaurant. We know that Spanish has 4 ways of saying the by using el, la, los and las.

Al and Del are your two new Spanish friends that save you a syllable each.

You’re confused, right? Where did al come from? What is it?

Al is your Spanish friend who will help you shorten sentences. Let me show you!

Let’s use this sentence as an example, as it’s a great one to use.
Voy al restaurante – This sentence was originally Voy a el restaurante.

It is strange to say, right? ‘a el’ . It doesn’t quite sound right. That’s where our friend al comes in. There is no such thing as ‘a el’ in Spanish, it is ‘al’.

Another grammar rule? Yes, I know, but trust me. This is easy and it also saves you a syllable!

Okay, I’ve met al, but who is del?

Del is your other Spanish friend. Any sentence containing ‘de el’ gets changed to ‘del‘. You will have seen it before. Have you ever been to Spain? Do you recognise ‘Costa del Sol’. Its incorrect form is ‘Costa de el Sol’, which sounds wrong and is wrong. Our friend Del, picked up on this and allowed to use his name!

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