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Here is a guide containing some basic verbs in Spanish, and for now; just in the present tense.

Before we start, you should read our What is conjugation? post to prepare you for learning about verbs in Spanish.

If you want to see what verbs are irregular, please check out my Irregular Verbs post. However, I would recommend getting started with the regular verbs first, apart from ir, ser, estar and tener.

You can see the conjugations of these irregular verbs in these places: Conjugating Ser, Conjugating Estar, Conjugating Tener and Conjugating Ir.

If you do not understand the above posts and conjugation tables, do not worry, take another look at our post: What is conjugation? , it will explain everything, step by step.

Ready to move on? Great! Let’s take a look at some basic, commonly used verbs in Spanish.

to speak

to have

to want

to need

to eat

to drink

to live

There are many more verbs in Spanish that are used all the time, but for the purpose of this guide, I am going to start with these 6 verbs.

All of these verbs are regular, apart from tener which is slightly irregular but is very commonly used and is a need-to-know verb.

Let’s not worry about the irregular verb tener at the moment and let’s focus on the nice, friendly, regular verbs. We have hablar and necesitar (which are AR verbs), we have quierer, comer and beber (which are ER verbs) and we have vivir (which is an IR verb).

By following the conjugation guides, (Conjugating AR Verbs, Conjugating ER Verbs and Conjugating IR Verbs) then we know that we need the stem of the verb, which is found by removing the AR, IR or ER from the end of the verb.

Below is how our verbs look in the yo form (The I form) when talking in the present tense. Don’t worry about any other tenses, for now, we only need to know the present.

I speak or I talk

I need

I want

I eat

I drink

I live

Now with some examples,

hablo inglés
I speak English

necesito ir al baño
I need to go to the bathroom

quiero un sombrero
I want a hat

como la comida
I eat the food

bebo zumo de piña

I drink pineapple juice

vivo en España
I live in Spain

Keep practicing, and take a look Verbs Two guide if you are ready to swim deeper into the ocean of verbs.

Ready to continue? Let’s move onto Spanish 201! Click here to go to the next course.

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