¡Bienvenido! Are you a master of Verbs One? That’s excellent news, let’s take it a step further.

In the previous Verbs course, we went through conjugation rules and how to conjugate in the yo form (the I form) in the present tense by saying things such as I speak, you speak, he speaks, she speaks, we speak and they speak.

This course will teach you how to conjugate verbs in the form (you form) and enable you to ask a wide range of questions in Spanish.

Let’s switch it up and use comer in this course (a regular ER verb), instead of hablar.

Comer is the Spanish verb meaning to eat.

The conjugation for comer can be found at Conjugating ER Verbs, but let’s stay in the present tense for now and not get ahead of ourselves just yet!

Talking to someone else and asking them questions is extremely easy, especially if you understand the way that Verbs One works.

tú comes
you eat

tú comes pasta
you eat pasta

¿tú comes pasta?
do you eat pasta?

Woah, hold on! We just add a question mark and the same sentence turns into a question? Yes, that’s right! Don’t forget the upside-down question mark at the start of your question though! Think of the question marks as pieces of bread and the sentence as your sandwich filler.

We don’t always need the personal pronoun in Spanish either, it’s optional in most situations and can be used to add emphasis to what you are saying. Therefore the following is also okay to use!

you eat

comes pasta
you eat pasta

¿comes pasta?
do you eat pasta?

I advise you to use the personal pronouns, especially until you feel comfortable remembering the conjugations and until you have a better understanding of the Spanish language. It also helps you along the way, if you know that  means you, then it’s easy to see what tú comes means, instead of just comes.

Move onto Verbs Three to start talking in the he/she and usted forms (usted is a formal way of saying you in Spanish) and the we and they forms!

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