¡Hola! This is a quick and easy guide to telling the time and talking about the time and date in Spanish. Telling the time is extremely important in conversation, and is the most common answer to the question: When?

So, how can I ask someone what time it is, or when something is happening?

¿Qué hora es?

What time is it?

¿A qué hora sale el avión?

At what time does the plane leave?

¿Cuándo viene Connor?

When is Connor coming?

Now we can ask for the time, but what if someone asks you, how would you reply?

That’s also very easy too. Before we continue, (if you haven’t already), I recommend checking out my other post about Numbers 1-100 in Spanish, it is necessary to know some basic numbers when telling the time or talking about the time or date.

Back to the interesting stuff, answering the question ‘¿Qué hora es’ or ‘What time is it?’

Es la una

It’s one o’clock

Son las dos

It’s two o’clock

The key rule to remember here is that for ‘One’ we use ‘Es’ instead of ‘Son’. When we start to conjugate verbs, ‘es’ is the singular form and son is the plural form is the verb ‘Ser’. If you are unfamiliar with this verb, then you should check out our Verb Wars post on Ser and Estar, the two verbs for ‘to be’.

Okay, so you’re probably thinking “Fine, that’s easy… but what if I need to be more specific and say it’s 1.40 or 5.30?”. Great question, it’s fairly easy.

Es la una en punto

It’s one on the dot / it’s exactly one


Es la una y cinco
It’s 1.05


Son las siete en punto
It’s seven on the dot / it’s exactly seven


Son las dos menos veinte
It’s 1.40  / it’s twenty to two (literally means it’s 2 minus 20)


Era la una de la mañana
It was one in the morning (past tense)


Faltan diez para las dos
It’s 1.50 / it’s ten to two


Son las cuatro y media
It’s 4.30 / it’s half past four (literally means it’s 4 and a half)


Es la una de la mañana
It’s 1 in the morning. / it’s 1am


Son las tres de la tarde
It’s 3 in the afternoon / it’s 3pm


Son las nueve de la noche
It’s 9 in the evening. / it’s 9pm


Es mediodía
It’s midday


Es medianoche
It’s midnight


El avión sale a las dos y media.
The plane leaves at 2:30.


Connor viene a la una
Connor is coming at 1:00.


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