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Learnish is free language learning community. We currently offer tips & advice, support and lessons in Spanish and aim to expand and offer other languages soon.

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We know it can be lonely learning a language when it's not spoken in your country. That's why at Learnish, you can find other people in the same position as you and practice with each other.


We are constantly gathering a team of contributors to help make Learnish better. The more contributors that we have, the better Learnish can be and the more our community can learn.


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Language Learner

I really like this, the grammer explanations and examples are clear and simple. And the design is beautiful. The only thing lacking is some interactive exercises. I think this will be a great help in my language learning!



Native Spanish Speaker

The Spanish is broken down into small pieces and it is very easy for new learners to understand. This website will definitely help you start to learn a language and pick up tips and advice. Buena suerte gringos, ¡hasta luego!



Language Learner

Learnish is an excellent resource for learning languages. All of the content is community contributed and quality checked by native speakers. I love what you guys are doing here, keep up the good work. ¡Muchas gracias!

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The French alphabet, albeit the same alphabet as the Latin alphabet (used in English, Spanish, and other languages), does have new letters or uses of letters different or not seen in English. a – Pronounced ah, Read more


Beginner’s Spanish 1

Ready to test your basic Spanish knowledge? Take our Beginner’s Spanish 1 test and see how you do! Depending on your results, you may want to move on to a more difficult quiz. Good luck, Read more

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